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Summer Maternity Session in Discovery Park

I've had so many blogs lined up for months (in my head) and none of them became a reality, as I just kept putting writing them on the back burner. Until now. I am not a fan of writing, I write a lot of long run on sentences and I'd just rather show you the photos, but some context to the photos is always good. I love maternity sessions, especially on sunny Seattle days :)

This is a long overdue throwback to last summer, and this gorgeous maternity session that took place in Discovery Park. I have known Kenzie for a few years, and I was so excited to shoot her maternity session. The day was a bit cloudy, which obviously makes for the best kind of a day to shoot in, but towards the end of our session the sun peeked through the clouds and we got a little bit of a gorgeous Seattle golden hour. Discovery Park has to be one of the most popular parks in the area to shoot photos at. Each time I'm there, shooting or just walking around, I usually run into at least one or two fellow photographers snapping photos. Discovery Park is part of grounds of Fort Lawton. There are so many awesome spots to shoot there, I never get old of it. My favorite part, especially during the summer time is the huge field that leads you towards the bluff. That gorgeous field often has beautiful wild flowers which make for awesome backdrops for photos. When we shot Kenzie’s maternity session, we actually were there just in time when the flowers were still in bloom.

With that said, take a look at the images from last year. They definitely bring me back to warmer days which I could use right about now!


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