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A Little Bit About Me.

Few facts about me, nothing too mushy I promise. I am Seattle based wedding photographer who really likes to travel. 


I was born in Poland and moved to the United States when I was thirteen years old. Let me tell ya, it was tough – for everyone involved. I was a brat, as any other normal teenager, I didn’t like any of the American foods. Can we talk about pumpkin pie? I hate that. Also, not a fan of peanut butter either. I got though junior high and high school with the usual teenager struggles. I also definitely was not a cool kid – I had a weird accent sometimes and I was really into art. Things changed in college, because college is awesome. I attended University of Washington and majored in Art. Art has always been my first love (besides Enrique Iglesias). I get to create art with my photography so it’s a win win.

I love dogs (follow me on Instagram). Every Sunday I post a weekly dog round up of all the dogs I’ve seen and petted. I also give them names and life stories. I love to cook, I do a bit of that on Instagram as well. I also love to travel with my husband. We got married in August of 2018 in Poland. We had an awesome wedding with our closest family and friends and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’d like to throw myself a few more weddings but it gets expensive (I love to plan parties and dinner parties, and get togethers in general). In regards to travelling – I travel all over, don’t think of me as just a Seattle wedding photographer. I am so much more than that! I will come with you wherever your wedding may take you. I do have a bucket list of places, and I offer some awesome deals on destination weddings. Don’t be stranger send me a message!


PS. My full name is Agnieszka, I often go by Agnes or Aga. I’ve struggled with a name identity crisis for quite some time. Polish names are pretty tough, you can call me any of those just don’t call me Angus. I get that one a lot.

*Photo Pieczko Pietras Photography

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