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Spring wedding at The Barn at Holly Farm / Seattle Wedding Photographer

Chris and Megan! I met these two through Emily (click here to view her Maui wedding). When I met them for coffee for the first time we hit it right off. It was all meant to be. And here is why. Megan and Chris who are now married, have the same names as my best friend, Megan, and her husband Chris. This lovely couple below also have the same last name as my girlfriend and her husband. I told them the story and they couldn't believe that there are two sets of Chris & Megans with the same last name.

Back to the wedding below - while it was a cold and rainy day, their wedding at The Barn at Holly Farm was beautiful. It is a huge barn with super tall ceilings. There were some fun animals roaming around the property which you will see below.

Go look.


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