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Danielle & Travis' Engagement Session in Lake Chelan

I am on a roll, two blog posts and it's only beginning of April. Let's hope this sticks! This shoot is also a little bit overdue, but it took place last Christmas, so I'm not too late with it :) Danielle and Travis' Lake Chelan engagement session was so much fun. I have known Danielle for over 4 years and it has been such a pleasure being able to shoot this engagement session. We were all in Lake Chelan for Christmas and decided it would be such a sweet spot to do the shoot there. Danielle's parents - Al & Lori, have a lovely house in Chelan that we often visit during the summertime and it was a perfect way to add this memorable location to their wedding story.

I've also wanted to do a snowy shoot for the longest time, but Seattle winters are soggy and wet, and snow is a rare treat. On a side note, I love snow - growing up in Poland, I love the snowy winters, and snow during Christmas, so I always get excited when we head to Chelan in the winter and there is still snow there.

Back to Danielle and Travis! Hank, the rowdy yellow lab also made appearance during the photos and he was so excited to be a part of the action. We started our "tour de Chelan" in an apple orchard nearby the Four Winds Chelan casino. The snow was very deceiving and I stepped into a ditch which was past my knees, thankfully I have survived :) I love doing the apple orchard photos, the snow was undisturbed and it was so peaceful there! Later on, we drove to the Chelan waterfront where we caught some lovely sun, and finished the session at Danielle's parents’ house, in an empty lot next to their house that overlooks the lake, the sun was shining bright and it was quite warm. Our last shots took place in her parents' backyard! You can see Lake Chelan in the background. Also, fun fact, in one of the last photos you see here - Hank, they yellow lab, was a bit too curious for his own good and took a small leap down a retaining wall and that's when I caught Danielle and Travis laughing! I love shooting in Chelan, it is such a beautiful place for wedding and engagement photos. There are so many gorgeous wineries in the area and if you are thinking of getting married there - you can be sure that the backdrops and the nature will be beautiful!


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