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Roche Harbor Wedding / San Juan Islands

It's fall, air is crisp outside the leaves are golden. It is also soup and crockpot season, and time for me to catch up on blogging. This a theme, I think I mention this in every blog i post - I'm so busy I forget to blog all of these beautiful weddings and sessions I shoot and they go unseen! Fear no more. They're coming.

Andy & Michelle. Destination wedding in the beautiful San Juan Islands at the Roche Harbor resort and Hotel de Haro. It was my first time in Roche Harbor and I fell in love. I'm a seafood junkie, I love taking ferries and exploring new places. The resort is located on West part of the island. The ferry ride there was about an hour, and it was a glorious hour on the water. Roche Harbor is truly a gorgeous place, whether you're there for a weekend or for a wedding. San Juan island is also amazing, i drove around and there were so many breath taking spots around there. Take a peek below at And & Michelle's Roche Harbor wedding! It was a blast!

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