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Mariah & Daniel / Eastern Washington Wedding

I have been meaning to write a blog for this wedding since the day it happened, which was in September. This couple, the ceremony, literally everything was amazing. Mariah lives in California, and she found me through Instagram. For those of you in the creative business, you know how awesome it is when someone finds you on Instagram and wants to work with you! When she got in touch with me, I was sooo excited. She was planning her wedding in Kennewick, on her grandparents' property. I was thrilled as this was my first destiantion wedding of the season. When the big day came I drove to Eastern Washington - I have never been in Tri-Cities, and it was such a beautiful drive getting out there! More Eastern Washington weddings, please!!! Once I got to Mariah grandparents' house I was in love. The backyard was gorgeous, the ceremony area was right by a small creek and best of all - there were horses! Scroll down and you will see some beautiful portraits with horses. A littl ebit more about Mariah and Daniel - they are some of the most genuine people I have met. Daniel is a former NFL player, and is now a pastor. When I arrived at the groomsmen house to take their photos (first time meeting the groom) he jsut went in for a big hug, and was so welcoming! When time came for their first look, it seriously was the sweetest thing ever - Daniel was so excited to see his bride. Also, we did the first look in almost a desert like setting, it was over 100 degrees outside and Mariah and Daniel were such troopers! Now take a look below :)

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