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Zach + Derek // Capitol Hill Engagement

Long overdue on this post, but I have figured this is the perfect time for it. I have knows Derek for a few years now, we met though a mutual friend Ashley (whose adorable sessions you can see here and here). The three of us where quite the wild group back in our post college days, Derek was probably the wildest one of all three of us ;) They two of them are getting married this weekend at Melrose Market Studios on Capitol Hill in Seattle, and I could not be more excited for their wedding! It's been in the making for some months now and it's crazy to think they day will finally be here.

The two of them chose Capitol Hill for the location of their photos, as it is their home and it's a community they are very involved with. Zachary is the President of Capitol Hill Community Housing, Seattle Housing Authority. Derek is an amazing real estate agent who also works on Capitol Hill; both of them are very involved in the LGBTQ community, gay rights as well as equality rights and are so so so driven by the great community they live in. They wanted to honor that by using many vendors from Capitol Hill to support those businesses and places they care about. Below are some of my favorite photos of the two of them from our session! Enjoy!

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