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Sisters session // UW Horticulture Center, Seattle

Ahhh where do I even start with these three cutest girls ever. I've known these girls for almost as long as I've been friends with Ashley - their aunt. I remember when Ava, who is now 10, was so tiny Ashley would just carry her around on her hip. And they have a younger sister Millie, who is just a bundle of joy. I was so excited to shoot their pictures! One of my favorite spots for photos in Seattle is the UW Center for Urban Horticulture. It is always green and gorgeous, lots of trees and in the early spring even a couple of blooming cherry blossom trees. The location is perfect for family photos, engagement photos, and even weddings (UW rents the venue out for events such as weddings).

Back to the three sisters though, scroll through their photos because why wouldn't you? And pay attention to their outfits, as they are so cute - especially Millie's bow!

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